The MBTA Just Doubled Your Odds of Riding a New Orange Line Train

A second set of brand-new train cars just hit the tracks.

orange line train

Photo by Lisa Weidenfeld

Who doesn’t love snagging a spot on the MBTA’s brand new Orange Line train, the first of many to be debuted on the line as part of a years-long effort to replace the aging fleet? In the month since it finally began picking up passengers, the novelty of seeing it roll into the station still hasn’t worn off.

All the glimmering plastic, the not-yet grimy exterior, and the flashy LED screens have a way of making you feel positive about the future of the MBTA—for at least a couple minutes, anyway.

Well, if you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing one for yourself, your odds just got twice as good. On Thursday, the T announced the second new Orange Line train has hit the tracks.

If you don’t want to wait for an encounter with the new train to happen organically, of course, you can cheat. A programmer has helpfully created a site that lets you track their routes in real time, called “Where are Boston’s new trains today?