Raise a Glass (?) to the New Irish Pub-Themed (?) Celtics Jerseys

The new "city edition" jerseys are here. Sláinte!

new celtics jerseys

Boston Celtics/Twitter

Doyle’s may be dead and gone, but its spirit very much lives on in the Celtics’ new city edition jerseys, which the team revealed today.

The new design, which will be worn a few times during home games in the 2019-2020 season, features black-bordered gold letters spelling out the word “Boston” in a Gaelic font, along with a gold-colored Nike swoop and the GE logo, set against a green background. Enes Kanter appears to have spilled the beans on the new design back in October, but they were officially announced Thursday will be “On-court & at retail” November 27.

And to this set of untrained eyes, in a city packed with historic (albeit rapidly vanishing) Irish watering holes, the things would fit in nicely with the décor at your local. That’s right: You’ve seen framed Celtics jerseys decorating the walls at countless Boston pubs, and now you can observe the general vibe of countless Boston pubs on Celtics jerseys. Imagine that.

The team also released a short hype video along with the jerseys’ rollout, which features scenes filmed in some local spots you’ll probably recognize, including Monica’s and Boston Barber and Tattoo in the North End, and the Everybody Fights boxing gym. (Curiously, no pubs, though.)

Reviews of the jerseys since the team made the big announcement online Thursday afternoon have so far been mixed. Some reviewers were pleasantly surprised. Others were quick to poke fun at them.

One rogue C’s jersey designer appears to have really nailed it, though. Maybe next time get them on the payroll:

We’ll let staff Celtics megafan Jackie Cain have the last word, though.