Stories to Give Us Hope This Week: A Keytar Bear Livestream and Rolling Birthday Rallies

Some good news from Boston when the city needs it most.

Fenway Park organist Josh Kantor plays the organ in his living room at home in Cambridge, MA on April 1, 2020 (Photo by Adam Glanzman/For The Washington Post via Getty Images)

It’s not all bad. Here’s the latest installment of our roundup of good people doing good things or making the most of these challenging days in Boston.

The Local Livestreamers

It may be some time before we can enjoy their talents in their natural habitats, but for the time being, some Boston favs—including Keytar Bear and Fenway organist Josh Kantor, are doing performances online, and for that we thank them.

The Social Distance Photographers

The Front Steps Project saw photographers’ skills put to use capturing images of families on their front porches, safely apart from their neighbors and taking joy in the comfort of one another.

The Corporate Responsibility Advocates

Never underestimate the power of vocal protest (and a little public shaming) to force people to do the right thing. Critics of Boston Sports Clubs and Faneuil Hall this week successfully brought both to heel, forcing BSC to stop charging members for services they can’t use, and (with an assist from the mayor) the tourism hotspot’s landlord to give tenants a break on rent.

The Music Video-Makers

We’re getting ahead of ourselves here, but we were huge fans of the video featuring Berklee and Boston Conservatory students that was shared a few weeks back. And now another remotely recorded opus is apparently in the works, this time as part of a tribute to this year’s Berklee honorees, among them John Legend and Cassandra Wilson. So look out for that.

The Cinema Appreciators

If you’re missing movie theaters, especially the kind that gets really nerdy about cinema, then know that they miss you too: The Coolidge has been adapting to the shutdown in some creative ways, moving some of its programming online to a Virtual Screening Room, which you can access for a fee. It’s a win-win. The Brattle is also continuing to make recommendations to fans about what to stream at home.

The Rolling Rally Birthday Celebrators

It’s how we do birthdays now, especially for kids who might otherwise be down in the dumps about celebrating alone. This one comes to us from Watertown, featuring a convoy of tow trucks.

The Dorm Preppers

Crews have been getting dorms ready to house people experiencing homelessness at a particularly dangerous time not only for living on the street, but also for seeking refuge in crowded shelters. It’s hard, necessary work.