A Sinkhole Opened Up in the South End After a Massive Water Main Break Last Night

Because things weren't stressful enough.

Photo courtesy Boston Fire Department/Twitter

As if we didn’t all already have enough on our plates, South End residents got an extra helping of disaster Tuesday night when an overpressurized water main broke.

The break, which occurred around 9 p.m. Tuesday night, flooded streets and buildings and forced residents to break social distancing to evacuate. Video and photos from the scene show cars almost completely submerged in the water, and at least one vehicle had to be pulled out of a sinkhole that formed during the flooding. The street also buckled near 500 Harrison Ave.

By this morning, the water had dissipated, and crews were working to repair the damaged 30-inch pipe. Officials stated that some residents might be without power for at least 24 hours, and that tap water might be discolored.

Suddenly, sheltering indoors—away from terrifying disease and spontaneous sinkholes—doesn’t seem so bad. Anyway, if you glimpse outside and see more signs that the end is near (famine, pestilence, a meteor plummeting into the Esplanade, four ominous horsemen clopping down Newbury St., etc.) let us know.