So How about That Lightning Storm in Boston, Huh?

Can we just get a round of applause for Mother Nature real quick?

Skyline photo by Jonathan Berk | Fenway photo by Brie Marie D

Wow, man.

This week’s vicious, punishing heatwave came to a dramatic conclusion on Wednesday night with some of the loudest, most beautiful, and most batshit lightning this city has seen in quite some time. There was lightning coursing through the Boston skyline, illuminating the sky over Fenway Park with a dark majesty that fans of classic horror could appreciate, and even zapping a fireworks show in Somerville with supercharged pre-Independence Day energy. And thanks to the fact that the heaviest of the rainfall had ended by then, there were plenty of smartphone-armed locals out there to capture it all on video.

Then to cap it all off, we were treated to a double rainbow enveloping much of the horizon. Great stuff.

Let’s review:


Look at that.

Oh yes.

I mean, come on.


And the pièce de résistance:

Hell yes.