Happy Green Line Extension Day, Everyone!

The GLX has arrived, and we're treating it like the party it is.

photo via MBTA

If the city’s most enthusiastic commuters had it their way, Boston would once again be swarmed with revelers decked out in green today. And no, not to keep St. Paddy’s Day rolling on Parade Hangover Day, but to herald the arrival, after all these years, of the Green Line Extension in Somerville.

Can’t you just picture it? “Charlie on the MTA” wafting out of Bronwyn. T-shirts with “Kiss me, I’m on the E branch.” A traditional MBTA breakfast (dropping a 75-percent full iced regular on the floor).

This is, after all, a big day for the T. After roughly 150 years of delays, the first of the new GLX stops has arrived.

So maybe it wasn’t Evacuation Day-level excitement, but from the looks of things, it was close, as legions of public transit heads came from all over to celebrate the occasion.

The first-ever train left Union Square at exactly 4:50 a.m. this morning, the T says.

Later, a crowd gathered on the platform to watch a Green Line train cruise majestically through a green ribbon.

A lineup of Massachusetts political royalty were on hand this morning for a giant kickoff event, including Sens. Warren and Markey, former Gov. Deval Patrick, and others.

Former Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone’s energy was, as is to be expected, off the charts.

You know who else was excited? The family of WBUR reporter Sharon Brody, whose kids grew up loving trains so much they got to take an exclusive trip there before the masses.

One major damper on the celebratory atmosphere popped up not far from the festivities, where groups concerned about the massive rent spikes the project has brought and will bring for neighbors staged a demonstration and waved signs reading “don’t let the Green Line become the Gentrification Line.”

Another one, if you ask us? Due to some conflicts with the impending launch of a new fare-taking system, in order to ride the new trains, there’s a somewhat convoluted process involved that includes validating your fare by tapping your card and printing out a receipt. Considering how long we’ve waited for this day to come—and that we really ought to treat this like a big party indefinitely–maybe they could have just foregone the whole fare collection process up there for now. But we digress.

Nevertheless, happy to GLX Day to all who celebrate!