The Best Boston Takes on the Ben Affleck/Jennifer Lopez Wedding

Did you, reader, know which city the groom is from?

ben affleck and jennifer lopez

Photo by Bellocqimages/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

You all know the drill. These days, when anyone or anything remotely linked to the city of Boston is in the news for any reason whatsoever—certain coffee chains, say, or whiffs of profanity in sports contexts—you can bet the world will remind us how Boston the animal, vegetable, or mineral in question is.

So why wouldn’t the union of Ben Affleck (from Boston [Cambridge]) and Jennifer Lopez give the internet such an opportunity?

It has been just about a year since the news broke that the onetime It Couple of both Hollywood and Beacon Hill were back together again, a milestone that inspired a walk down memory lane to a time when Bennifer sightings in the Commonwealth were treated like royal tours of the realm. So far they have yet to be spotted here, but we’re looking forward to perhaps a quick honeymoon in Back Bay, or maybe just seeing the happy couple with a his and hers Fenway Frank, sometime very soon.

Until then, this is a moment that calls for celebrating, remembering, and savoring the Boston-ness of it all.

So three cheers for FLOBUS.

Hooray for a (much-needed) victory for Sox Nation.

And why not recall that Affleck got the start in show business that led him to this momentous day as a tween on “The Voyage of the Mimi” a PBS program filmed in Marblehead.

Or offer some tips on how to make an even bigger splash around these parts:

And for good measure, reflect on the fact that he is and always will be a Boston hardcore kid at (have) heart.

Congrats, pal.