Quiz: Are You Ready to Make a Move?

Quarantine has made us all reconsider some of our life choices.

woman with moving box

Photo by Marco Baass/Getty Images

If you’ve ever stared at the white wall behind you during a Zoom meeting and wondered, Why am I here when I can be pretty much anywhere?, it might be time for a new backdrop. Before you pack those bags, take this quiz to see where you should land.


Median home price: $411,000

You’re all about comfort and convenience—and without a soul-crushing commute to Boston to worry about, now may finally be the time to decamp for the ’burbs. In Hudson, you’ll not only get to enjoy a sprawling yard and huge supermarkets, but also a bevy of charming local businesses.

Oak Bluffs

Median home price: $678,000

You’ve been watching Island Life on HGTV lately, haven’t you? When you’re really ready to disconnect from the mainland grind, Oak Bluffs offers a quaint combination of shops, restaurants, and, in the off-season at least, good old-fashioned peace and quiet by the sea.

The South End

Median home price: $1,021,000

An urban exodus? Please. You know cities aren’t dead—in fact, it’s quite the opposite. And with rents on the decline, what better time to move into a picturesque brick rowhouse?

North Adams

Median home price: $154,000

Working from home means having plenty of time to drink in the natural beauty of every season, and the Berkshires offers it in spades, along with spacious (and reasonably priced) homes.