Boston Coronavirus News: Here Comes Another Month of Social Distancing, Food Delivery, and Cabin Fever

Your daily dose of COVID-19 updates.


Small Blessings in the Time of Coronavirus

leon paulino

My Life in the Age of COVID: Red Sox Prospect Leon Paulino

City Life

This Map Shows the Total Number of COVID Cases in Each Massachusetts County

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Is It Time to Pour One Out for the Packie?

Cumberland Farms’ proposal to expand liquor licenses across the state would spell disaster, package store owners say.


Will We Fall for Gondolas Again?

The ultimate shiny object in transit is back!


What Will Pats Fans Do If Tom Brady Really Leaves?

Our record-smashing QB is about to be a free agent and appears to be flirting with other cities. Could Pats fans ever forgive him?

Real Estate

Dirty Units, Unwilling Hosts, and Tardy Tours: What Bostonians’ Brokers Fees Buy

In the wake of New York’s broker’s fee ban, we asked some real-life Boston renters to share their worst experiences with local brokers.


Next Election, Massachusetts Should Have the First Primary

No one state should have all this power. But if anyone’s going to claim first-in-the-nation status, it might as well be us. (We pretty much invented America, so it’s only fair.)


The Interview: Bill Weld

The former Massachusetts governor turned Republican presidential candidate on how he plans to beat Trump.

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From senators eyeing the presidency to a mayor ruling over a changing city, here’s what our politicians are up to.


What Boston Loses When Winter Warms Up

We’ve seen mild temperatures and almost no snow all winter long. It’s hard not to feel like something is off.


Why Massachusetts Should Legalize Magic Mushrooms

With untapped clinical potential and a cleaned up image, psychedelics are the next frontier in legalization—and we’re better poised than almost anywhere else to make the most of it.


Is the BSO Ready for a New Tune?

With its longtime president stepping down, the orchestra has an opportunity to step up its act.


The Indicted Harvard Professor’s Other Double Life: Pumpkins

Harvard chemist Charlie Lieber allegedly had a secret seven-figure pact with the Chinese government. He also grew honest-to-God massive pumpkins.


Living near the Green Line Extension Is Hell

Will it all be worth it someday?



Marijuana legalization, healthcare changes, and all the other referendums shaking up Mass.


Who Gets to Fake the Boston Accent?

There are rules.


Who’s Winning the Endorsement Popularity Contest?

A Bostonian’s guide to which local power brokers are supporting who in the 2020 Democratic primary—and what that says about the state of politics here right now.


Boston’s Middle Class Is Doomed

Admitting there’s a problem is the first step toward fixing it—if the residents actually want to, that is.


Who Is Boston Supposed to Be Fun for, Anyway?

Glitzy new nightlife offerings don’t always track with a city that loves to sleep hard and work harder.

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