Take a Look at the New Car-Free Plans for the Northern Ave. Bridge

They feature a waterfront park in the middle of the Fort Point Channel.


After Three Long Months, the State's Vaping Ban Is Finally Over


Here's Why Brady's Goodbye to Best Buddies Matters


A Year in Review: The Most Memorable Stories of 2018

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Boston Medical Center Workers Are Protesting Melania Trump’s Visit

"Our BMC affirms the dignity, respect, and basic needs of every child."


Emerson College Will Absorb Vermont’s Marlboro College

The tiny liberal arts college is going to close its campus and move students to Boston.


How Things Shook Out in the 2019 Boston City Council Election

For the first time, a majority of members will be women. Plus, a recount looms.

jasiel correia

Embattled Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia Loses Election

It’s the end of the road for the controversial, twice-arrested mayor.


Hear Ye! The Freedom Trail’s Tour Guides Have Had Enough

They may dress like the Founding Fathers, but the freshly unionized Bellringers Guild wants a 21st Century contract.


Your Neighborhood’s Convenience Store May Be Closed on Wednesday

Store owners want to keep selling menthol cigarettes.

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From senators eyeing the presidency to a mayor ruling over a changing city, here’s what our politicians are up to.

commuter rail

The Reimagined Commuter Rail: Electric Cars, Shorter Wait Times, and Better Accessibility

It’s an ambitious plan, but it’s not totally clear how the whole thing will get funded.


Are We Living in the Most Corrupt Era of Our State’s History?

Turns out, scandals have been in the news since the very beginning.


Dust off Your Parka: Boston May See Snow This Week

Goodbye, fall.


Weekend Attack outside Gay Bar Appears to Be a Hate Crime

The victims say they were targeted with violence and anti-gay slurs outside Jacque’s Cabaret.

The MIT dome

Months After Epstein Scandal, MIT President Shares What He’s Learned

A survey indicated more than 200 female grad students had been harassed.



Marijuana legalization, healthcare changes, and all the other referendums shaking up Mass.


No News Is Bad News

Journalism in Boston’s suburbs isn’t just in crisis—it barely even exists.


The Rise and Fall of Seth Moulton’s Witch Hunt Joke

The congressman is getting diminishing returns on his Salem quip.


Happy Halloween to the Quincy Mayoral Candidate Who Chucked Eggs at a House

Brenda Ryan reportedly confessed to flinging eggs at two homes earlier this year.


With 60 MPH Winds Approaching, Here Are the Towns Postponing Trick or Treating

Boston-area parents, you’re probably still going out.

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