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While you may not hear “Take two chocolates and call me in the morning” after a visit to the cardiologist, chocolate really is a food […]


Treatments Abound for Enlarged Prostates

By Michael Lasalandra Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Correspondent As men age, their prostates enlarge. By the time men are in their 40s or 50s, […]


Boston’s Supermarkets Team Up To Promote Healthy Beverages

Updated 4:50 p.m.: We received a statement from a representative for the soft drink bottlers and distributors in Massachusetts. The entire statement reads as follows: […]


Name the stain (ketchup, dirt, car oil—we tried it all); Ecoluxe can get it out. Quickly, flawlessly, without hurting a fiber of the fabric, and […]

City Life

Northshore Mall vs. South Shore Plaza

When a craving for a Cheesecake Factory Glamburger or a strategically ripped pair of Abercrombie jeans strikes, denizens of both shores know what to do: […]


How to Follow Seven of the Year’s Best Diets

All diets are not created equal. So says U.S. News & World Report, which just released its annual Best Diets Rankings, a list that spans best-overall DASH […]


Seven Whole Grains to Try Now

Remember the days when people didn’t know how to pronounce quinoa? Once a trendy up-and-coming health food, it’s now a pantry staple—and there are plenty of […]

Screening Tests Every Baby Boomer Needs

By Joanne Pallotta BIDMC Correspondent     The first of the so-called “baby boomer” generation is starting to reach its mid-to-late 60s. As a person […]

harvard study sperm

New Study Shows Junk Food Causes Sperm Count to Drop in Men

It’s no secret junk food isn’t the best thing for your overall health and wellness. Besides the most obvious reasons being issues like increasing risk of heart disease, obesity, […]

Spring Cleaning

It’s warm, it’s bright, and it’s sunny, all of which mean that you can see every construction flaw. Chipping paint, uneven floors, and all that […]

First Night

14 Science-Backed New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Vague New Year’s resolutions like eating better and losing weight aren’t just overdone—they’re also pretty unlikely to stick. Instead of vowing, yet again, to just […]

City Life

Contrarian to Southie: Stop Whining Already

My next door neighbor has been holding his parking spot with a recycling bin for over a week now. Most of the snow on our […]

Repo Man

An eerie haze has settled over Salem. The sky is a depressing gray, there's a bone-chilling damp to the air, and a biting northeast wind […]


Five Fall Diet Downfalls (and How To Avoid Them)

As summer (hopefully slowly) turns into fall, our eating habits adjust along with our wardrobes. When you pack away the bikinis and bring out the […]

A Letter from Lenny

This issue's about sin, so the question arises: What's my favorite? Hypothetically, murder. But that's not one of the Seven Deadly Sins, it's a commandment, […]