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Bostonista Travels: How to Pack

Bonjour, Bostonista readers. I am just back from Paris, where all things cliche about the City of Light seem to be holding steady: flowing champagne, […]

City Life

48 Hours of Freedom

It’s the weekend. You can spend it by gambling your tax refund away, or you can keep your hard-earned money in Massachusetts and enjoy it. […]

City Life

Settle in with Some Hot Chocolate and Read the Best Longreads of the Year

Look, this year is almost over. This awful, baffling, enraging, heartbreaking mess of a year has almost, almost drawn to a close. You’re so close […]

City Life

Behold the Beauty of the Red-Blue Connector, and Pay for It Already

Remember the Big Dig? The years-long ordeal that cut a gash through the middle of Boston, and saw costs and deadlines spiral interminably? Of course […]


The Great Suburban Healthcare Hunt

See the 2021 list of Top Doctors Well, you finally did it: You won the cutthroat suburban bidding wars, booked the moving truck, and now, […]

Hollywood on the Charles

Why the movie industry is crazy for Boston.

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How to Save Transportation in Boston: Big Ideas

Additional reporting by Spencer Buell, Jacqueline Cain, Brittany Jasnoff, and Alyssa Vaughn. Ride Above the Streets Bill James Founder and CEO, JPods JPods are an […]

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Grayer, but Stronger

Recently, I looked through some photos of myself from late 2019, and I couldn’t help but notice that the Lisa in those pictures looked…a lot […]

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Amanda Palmer Talks The Art of Asking and Her ‘Poem for Dzhokhar’

“Today, it is my turn to take the tampon. Tomorrow, it shall be yours.” That is—written in the foreword of her introduction—the figurative message of […]


A Survivor’s Story: 7 Things I Learned from Teen Depression

Depression in children and teens is on the rise, a heartbreaking trend that cuts across all demographics—rich and poor, rural and urban. According to Mental […]