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The Winter Survival Guide

It’s the cruelest month of the year even in the best of times—and these most certainly are not the best of times. But take heart: Here are more than 50 affordable (or free!) ways to snap yourself out of the February funk.

The Owner Takes a Wife

Buttoned-down Red Sox owner John Henry revealed a very different side of himself during his topsy-turvy courtship of Linda Pizzuti. (We’ve got the soul-baring e-mails and love-struck vacation photos to prove it!)

Fall/Winter 2009: The Experts

THE TASTEMAKERS Years later, your guests will remember the toasts, the dancing, the late-night karaoke…but the food? Not so much. Unless, that is, you hire […]

Melee at the Manor

A son of the Clair auto empire dies after a fistfight in his new mansion. Was it murder? Or a freak accident? The people of Dover didn’t take long to reach their verdict.

The Girl Who Cried Wolf: A Holocaust Fairy Tale

Before the ugly legal fights, before the international scandal, before even her publisher turned against her, Misha Defonseca was just a nice Jewish lady from the Boston suburbs with a story so incredible, no one dared disbelieve it.

The Fifty Families (Part Two)

26 The Fishes The Fish family has been putting up buildings in Boston for more than a century, but it wasn't until the current generation […]

Personal Space

A Lofty Marriage A couple's modern South End apartment is big enough to be an art studio, home, and place where two different personalities converge. […]

Nicole Dawes Late July Snacks

Crunch Time

Nicole Bernard Dawes is poised to hit it big with her snack company Late July. But can she keep her business’s lofty ideals intact?

The Hottest Restaurants

Boston may be famous for its revolutionary legacy, financial shrewdness, boundless ingenuity, and intellectual disposition. But for most of its history, it was not known […]

Arts & Entertainment

Best Beaches in Massachusetts – 100 Awesome Beaches in Boston and Beyond

By Lisa Weidenfeld, Madeline Bilis, Catherine Cray, Gabrielle DiBenedetto, and Alex Erdekian There’s no doubt about it: Massachusetts has some of the best beach options […]