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Ask the Expert: Is Intermittent Fasting Actually Good for Me?

Welcome to our Ask the Expert series, in which local health and fitness experts answer your wellness questions. Here, Matt Priven discusses the good and bad of […]

Cornelius Hardenbergh

Real Weight Loss: Cornelius Hardenbergh

Name: Cornelius Hardenbergh Age: 30 Location: Jamaica Plain Total weight lost: 130 pounds, so far Cornelius Hardenbergh knew he needed to lose weight. He brought lunch to work, […]

City Life

What Happened to Don Wiley?

Windy up here. Not a place to be late at night. Definitely not a place to stop your car and step outside. Eighteen-wheelers rumble past, […]


The Future of Dieting Could Be Based on Your Genetics

Researchers say the new frontier of dieting could be in your genes. Photo via Shutterstock The world of dieting and weight loss can be overwhelming. […]


A Registered Dietitian on How to Do Elimination Diets Right

Adopting a restrictive diet may sound virtuous, but if you’re a vegetarian binging on pasta and cheese or a Paleo devotee eating a pound of beef every […]


Six Healthy Pasta Sauces Recipes

Pasta is the universal go-to for a quick weeknight dinner, and why not, it’s delicious. But how you prepare and dress your pasta can take […]


Ask the Expert: Can I Really Eat Fat?

A growing number of nutrition experts are now saying that fat, contrary to years of popular belief, may not be that bad, after all. The […]


Work Out Like: A Soap Star

Disclaimer: I’ve been watching General Hospital since I was in the womb. So when I saw a commercial for the “Ladies of General Hospital” coming […]


What Should the Word Diet Really Mean?

  It’s heating up and summer is finally here. That means warmer weather clothes are finally coming out of the closet after a long winter. […]

City Life

Heroes at Work; an “Enemy” Outside. What It’s like to Be a Healthcare Worker Right Now

To be a doctor or nurse in the Boston area right now is to be treated like a rockstar, or to borrow a phrase seen […]


Greening Your Diet

Ever since Al Gore made An Inconvenient Truth, it feels like every day is Earth Day. We’ve been better about recycling, have tested out the […]


Work Out Like: A Professional Acrobat

Ever wonder how circus performers stay fit enough to execute their gravity-defying stunts? While they’re in town for a three-day stint at the Shubert Theatre, we […]

City Life

PSA: Don’t Freaking Leave Your Dogs in Hot Freaking Cars

Please, for the love of man’s best friend, do not leave your dogs in hot cars this summer. It should be obvious at this point, […]

Mature woman practicing yoga on couch at home

Losing Hair from Stress? These 4 Simple Solutions Can Help Stop It

What a difference a month makes. In March, spring brought the promise of the great outdoors with longer days, warmer temperatures, and revived natural colors […]


Logan Upgrade: The Virgin Lounge Opens

Last week, Bostonista was invited to attend the opening party for Logan’s new Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. Always up for an airport trip—pick ups, drop offs, […]