Atrium School

Grades: Pre-K - 8
Type: Day
Gender: Coed


Atrium School is an AISNE-accredited inclusive learning community where pre-K to grade 8 students are encouraged and challenged. Founded in 1982 and rooted in the progressive education movement, Atrium truly embodies its motto: “Excellence with Joy.” At Atrium, progressive education means rich and interdisciplinary project-based learning that stimulates and nurtures the whole child. Guided by grade-specific themes like “What is Change?” and “How Do We Make Choices?” Atrium’s curriculum drives curiosity and promotes learning that extends far beyond the classroom.

Located in the heart of Watertown’s thriving East End, students experience school as an invitation to discover and interact with the multicultural world around them. Atrium’s family community represents a wide range of cultures, ethnicities, religions, home countries, physical abilities, family structures, and socio-economic standing. Atrium School prizes diversity, equity, environmental sustainability, and social justice, cultivating a community where all are welcomed and included.

EXCELLENCE WITH JOY, Progressive education, Project-based learning, A school where PreK - Grade 8 students are challenged and known

Teaching Philosophy

At Atrium School, students experience the joy of learning and vigorously pursue excellence in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Our diverse array of students join into a tight-knit community of learners, where academic, social and emotional growth hold equal value. Atrium's progressive approach is rooted in curiosity, challenge and affirmation. Students build academic skills, leadership and confidence while learning to think creatively, work collaboratively, and make connections across areas of study. Guiding this journey, our superb teachers foster an environment of critical thinking, problem solving, and compassionate kindness for one another. we welcome the whole family here, too. When founding Atrium nearly four decades ago, Ginny Kahn envisioned a community where everyone is respected and valued, from younger students to the eldest family member. Atrium parents are involved and form lifelong friendships through the school, forging a strong Atrium community.

Mission Statement

Atrium School's PreK -8th grade progressive education encourages academic curiosity, creativity, and exploration while fostering each child's intellectual growth. Our students develop confidence in themselves and respect for others within a joyful, vibrant community of nurturing teachers, engaged parents, and enriching partnerships.