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Bard Academy at Simon’s Rock


Bard Academy is the nation’s first two-year boarding and day program designed to prepare 9th and 10th graders to start college early. The program takes a collegiate approach to learning from day one to keep students interested and engaged. Located in the heart of Berkshire County Massachusetts, the Academy shares a verdant 270-acre campus with Bard College at Simon's Rock. Academy students enjoy all of the College's resources and facilities, from our community gardens and research labs to our library, art studios, and theater spaces. The faculty at Bard Academy are all accomplished in their fields as: scientists, mathematicians, historians, economists, literary scholars, writers, and artists. All Academy faculty also teach in the College. Students also have academic advisors, access to tutoring, peer mentors in the College, residential life staff, and the health and wellness staff to support them through the transition to life away from home. Bard Academy provides a secure and encouraging place for a young student to begin their pursuit of knowledge.





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