Belmont Hill School

Grades: 7 - 12
Type: Day
Gender: Boys


Since 1923, Belmont Hill has focused on developing boys in mind, body, and spirit. Through years of practice and research, they know how boys learn best: how they interact, develop, and ultimately thrive as their best selves. Boys are known and nurtured, and are free to pursue their academic interests and their passions in athletics, service, and the arts. Working together with faculty mentors, boys maneuver through challenges, strive for excellence, celebrate difference, and develop friendships that last a lifetime.

The faculty and administration are dedicated to creating a community that is diverse, inclusive, and equitable. And always, the heart of the mission is in developing boys into young men of great character. Belmont Hill. Always character. Always together.

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Teaching Philosophy

At Belmont Hill close relationships between students and faculty form the basis for boys to pursue excellence in and outside of the classroom. Fully embracing the teacher-coach model, our faculty lead 100% of athletic teams, theatrical productions and musical groups. Character development and leadership are deeply embedded in the curriculum, as the community blends traditional values with innovative teaching pedagogy to instill our boys with skills, knowledge, and values to find success in college, career and their respective communities.

As a single sex school, we understand boys and have created an environment in which all students are comfortable exploring.

Mission Statement

Belmont Hill School educates boys in mind, body, and spirit to develop men of good character.

Our community encourages and challenges students to discover and pursue passions, seek excellence, and face adversity with resilience. We cultivate critical thinking and creativity, teamwork and competition, hard work and reflection, tradition and innovation. Valuing our differences and working together, we embrace camaraderie, compassion, and service to others.

Our school strives to instill in each boy ethical judgment, a sense of common humanity, and a lifelong love of learning.