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Catholic Memorial School

Catholic Memorial School

Grades: 7 - 12,
Type: Day
Gender: Boys


There’s no school in Greater Boston quite like Catholic Memorial. We’re different because we believe educating boys is different. It requires a profound understanding of what makes boys tick. Boys are relational learners so their connection to our faculty is critical to their learning. Every member of our staff is highly accomplished and passionate about helping boys grow. Here, teachers don’t just teach, they transform lives, ignite passion, and unlock potential so that boys become leaders. In the classroom. On the athletic field. And in the community. It’s different here at CM, and that difference is what makes us great.

Keywords: Unique, All-boys, Rigorous, Relational learning, Hands-on

Teaching Philosophy

Rigorous. Challenging. Inspiring. CM is an academic institution that stands with any in the Greater Boston area. Based on our philosophy of the importance of relational learning, we provide a liberal arts program with an emphasis on inquiry, collaboration, and innovation.

It’s a style of education that inspires learning in every single student. We motivate the students who have not yet maximized their potential and push the top students to the next level. We encourage learning by doing and discovering by inquiring. Teachers don’t just challenge students. Students challenge themselves. They learn new ways to learn, and use the skills they develop to achieve uncommon success in a way that’s actually pretty common around here.

Mission Statement

Catholic Memorial is a college preparatory school for boys founded in the spirit of Blessed Edmund Rice and guided by the Essential Elements of an Edmund Rice Christian Brothers Education. Our faith and learning community is dedicated to transforming boys' lives through academics, arts, athletics, and campus ministry. We challenge students to pursue excellence, embrace Gospel values and lead through service.