Charles River School

Grades: Pre-K - 8
Type: Day
Gender: Coed


At Charles River School, the pursuit of academic excellence and the joy of childhood are celebrated. Their pre-K–grade 8 students learn to take responsibility for themselves and others through investigation and revision, solving problems, and asking new questions—both in and out of the classroom. Classes are small and learning is personalized, with two dedicated lead teachers in each classroom.

Charles River School’s progressive approach to education allows students to explore different angles and think through disciplines by way of real-world themes and hands-on projects. This has a profound effect on what they learn since they understand the “why.” Charles River School is a progressive, independent school located in Boston’s MetroWest region. Their beautiful, 16-acre campus in Dover—just 10 minutes from I-95 or Route 9 includes an impressive wetlands laboratory, playing fields, and a new, state-of-the-art middle school building.

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Teaching Philosophy

At CRS, we believe in the capacity of children to achieve and succeed – both academically and socially. Our curriculum is progressive and innovative, work is hands-on and experiential, and classes regularly spend time outdoors.

With two dedicated lead teachers in each classroom, classes are small and learning is personalized. Through thematic curriculum (such as Marco Polo’s travels in Grade 3, or The Middle Ages in Grades 1 & 2), students engage in interrelated, in-depth experiences across all subjects – from technology to music.

Our learning environment encourages children to problem solve, collaborate, and challenge themselves. For more than 100 years, we have pioneered an education that is academically rigorous, and nurtures and challenges the whole child.

Mission Statement

Charles River School honors the pursuit of academic excellence and the joy of childhood. We nurture each child by igniting curiosity, encouraging creativity, and cultivating intellectual engagement. Our graduates know themselves, understand others, and shape the future of our diverse world with confidence and compassion.