Dana Hall School

Grades: 5 - 12,


Founded in 1881, Dana Hall School in Wellesley, Mass., is an independent boarding and day school for girls in grades 5-12 (boarding begins grade 9). Placing emphasis upon sound academic education and the preparation of each individual for college and for life, the School balances exposure to new ideas and the challenge of analytic and creative thinking with concentration on the development of self-esteem, leadership, and respect for others. As a school for girls, Dana Hall provides female students with a particularly advantageous environment for both education and self-development.

Awards or Certifications:

Dana Hall is a member of the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools, the National Association of Independent Schools, the Association of Independent Schools in New England and The Association of Boarding Schools, and accredited by New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

What is your teaching or educational philosophy?

At Dana Hall School, we have high expectations and know that academic excellence is best realized in girls when their social and emotional needs are equally considered with their intellect. Students work through a vigorous curriculum and choose between a variety of electives. Healthy enrichment and support are the norms. Students openly dive in to topics from many angles. This allows each student, with intention, to listen deeply to perspectives and develop values that are most effective for her.

Our current curriculum and legacy of teaching girls how they learn best energize our community. Every girl engages in studies in arts and sciences and exercises creative and critical thinking. As a result, Dana graduates are exceptionally prepared to tackle challenges at college, and beyond.

Dana Hall students prosper, form bonds and a lasting network, on our campus and across the globe. This unique combination of opportunity and encouragement empowers each student to bring courage to all that she does while at Dana and in her future.

What is your mission statement?

Dana Hall School is committed to fostering excellence in academics, the arts, and athletics within a vibrant, caring and inclusive community. With emphasis on integrity, leadership, diversity, and service as well as on respect for self and others, Dana Hall provides its students with a unique opportunity to prepare themselves for the challenges and choices they will face as women and citizens of the world.


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