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Dedham Country Day School

Dedham Country Day School

Grades: Pre-K - 8
Type: Day
Gender: Coed


Dedham Country Day School believes that balance matters—in learning and in life. They combine academic challenge with support and pedagogical tradition with innovation. Strong scholastics and outstanding arts and athletics create a balanced program. A premium is placed on both academic and emotional intelligence. Children learn who they are as diverse individuals and how to be part of something bigger. Acceptance is a given, and children find encouragement in every connection they make.

It’s a community that nurtures, nudges, and gives. That’s how Dedham Country Day School grows “whole” children—and, ultimately, adults—who will thrive with the intellectual and emotional capacity to contribute to their world and enjoy meaningful lives.

Visit DCD, and you’ll get a sense of how students learn to think creatively and critically. You’ll see that from pre-K to grade 8, kids are being kids—and being themselves. You’ll witness them tackling hands-on projects, collaborating, taking risks, solving problems—and, most of all, enjoying their experience.