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Private Schools
High school/Post Grad
Fontbonne, The Early College of Boston

Fontbonne, The Early College of Boston

Grades: 9 - 12
Type: Day
Gender: Girls


Fontbonne is a catholic high school for young women in Grades 9-12. Our Early College model is designed around a student-centered learning environment and the Gospel values of Respect, Responsibility, Reconciliation and Reverence in caring for the dear neighbor without distinction. One of the main focuses of our diverse culture is to equip our young women to advocate for themselves and others while seeking to build a world of unity and inclusion. Our vibrant, faith-based campus life provides our students with countless opportunities to grow through our university and professional partnerships. Fontbonne is an institution where young women can find their voice and are encouraged to develop to their full potential academically and spiritually. Our distinguished Adult Learning Community challenges our students inside and outside the classroom to be their best selves and grow into women of courage. Fontbonne is a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Saint Joseph.