Montrose School

Grades: 6 - 12
Type: Day
Gender: Girls


At Montrose School, girls are called to greatness. As a Boston College admission officer put it, “Montrose encourages students not only to think but also to reflect, a skill absolutely necessary in college. This type of preparation at the high school level is rare.”

Learn more about how Montrose couples academic excellence with enduring habits of mind, heart, and character. A Montrose education cultivates a life compass that empowers our students to navigate any challenge and seize any opportunity - in the classroom, in the boardroom and in life.

From Dante to Design Thinking, from Plato to contemporary politics, Montrose offers a nationally recognized program where girls are admitted to top colleges and universities. Montrose graduates engage the world, building unity among diverse groups, while pursuing the truth in all they do.

Visit Montrose and tour our campus. Hear from Head of School Karen Bohlin, internationally renowned educational leader and author. Meet our students and first-rate faculty. Learn why Montrose graduates are uniquely qualified to shape our changing world. Montrose...where girls are called to greatness.


Keywords: girls, character, leadership, college prep, Catholic, private school

Teaching Philosophy

Colleges, universities and global industries often point to the gap between the skills secondary schools drill most and the enduring habits students need to thrive in college and beyond -- strengths such as cognitive flexibility, emotional intelligence, creativity and sound judgment.

Montrose School empowers girls to bridge this gap by coupling academic excellence with enduring habits of mind, heart, and character.

At Montrose, a National School of Character, girls take intellectual risks both within and outside the classroom. They develop a confident voice. Why? Because our faculty are passionate about their subjects. They are expert at working with girls and promote the kind of in-depth study and learning that take students beyond AP. As a result, our girls develop the intellectual virtues and character virtues they need to be lifelong, reflective and innovative thinkers.

Mission Statement

Montrose educates young women to pursue the truth in all they do. Built upon the foundation of a rich liberal arts curriculum, personal character formation and collaboration with parents, a Montrose education challenges each student to cultivate intellect and character, leadership and service, faith and reason.