Oak Meadow School

Grades: Toddler - 8
Type: Day
Gender: Coed


Walk into any Oak Meadow classroom and you will immediately recognize that something special is going on. From toddlers through 8th graders, you will see quiet, independent investigators and enthusiastic collaborators—all with an intensity of focus and sense of purpose— all completely engaged. They are guided, but not directed. There is freedom, yet intention. There is courtesy and kindness and also a strong sense of self. Real, relevant work demonstrates a steady continuum of progress. Oak Meadow’s program is infused with the spirit of the classic Montessori experience while preparing students for the unique challenges of our time. Programs in nature-based learning, fine and performing arts, Spanish, and experiential learning build the foundation for a lifelong journey of intellectual and personal growth. Even with the challenges of a pandemic, their commitment to community has been reinforced through a unique partnership with Cisco Systems and Samsung. With cutting-edge technology, they provide on-campus learning that is in sync with at-home learning.