Park Street School

Grades: Toddler - 6
Type: Day
Gender: Coed


Discover the very best education for children toddler–grade 6 in bright and sunny facilities in Beacon Hill. While Park Street School’s location is ideal, it’s their remarkable students, faculty, and families who create a vibrant community where children thrive. Grounded in “Core Knowledge” philosophy, children build strong foundations of knowledge in the early years—an approach foundational for developing critical thinking skills.

Learning at Park Street School is an active experience! Whether collecting field research in tidal pools, celebrating medieval festivals, or bringing Shakespeare to life on stage, children are “out of the chair”—making connections in and out of the classroom and between subjects. As a Christian school, Park Street School is committed to guiding students in the formation of character and an understanding of God’s love for them. Connecting the mind and the heart—classroom learning and character education— is what makes Park Street School special.

Park Street School inspires students to discover who they can become!

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Teaching Philosophy

We believe in the transformative power of education. Here, our every action is intentional, so that each student will develop a lifelong love of learning, confidence within a caring community, and strength of character.

Our robust academic program is grounded in Core Knowledge, a content-rich, skill-building curriculum that spirals outward in each grade. Our teachers are passionate, creative educators who are deeply committed to the success of each student. Together, these irreplaceable elements act as a catalyst for lifelong learning, achievement, and personal growth.

We value the many benefits resulting from parent involvement in the daily life of our school—Park Street School is an extended family. We celebrate Boston as a living classroom and engage in service projects that help our neighbors and contribute to our city and beyond.

Our Christian foundation affirms each student’s intrinsic worth, points us to truth, shows us how to respect others, make courageous choices, and live lives of compassion, integrity, and generosity. We hold that the measure of achievement is more than grades; it is the kind of person you become.

Mission Statement

Strategically located in historic Beacon Hill, Park Street School is neighborhood school that seeks to unite children of diverse racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds from Greater Boston in a nurturing school of the highest academic standards. Through an engaging, content-rich curriculum, we strive to empower and equip each child with a love of learning, a passion for truth, a heart for others, and an understanding of God's love and grace for us in Jesus Christ.