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Saint Paul’s Choir School

Saint Paul’s Choir School

Type: Day
Gender: Boys


Saint Paul’s Choir School (SPCS) integrates face-to-face and virtual instruction in a healthy and dynamic learning environment. Located in Harvard Square, SPCS provides boys in grades 3 through 8 an extraordinary learning experience that unites rigorous academics with the performance of choral masterworks. At SPCS, classes are small and motivation is high among both students and teachers, making for a focused, energetic, and creative classroom environment. As participants in SPCS’s world-class music program, boys receive training in choral music appreciation, theory, and practice. The choir regularly tours internationally and has performed alongside renowned groups such as the Boston Symphony Orchestra. As a school for boys, SPCS shares an appreciation for the intensity and complexity of boyhood. Within this community of faith, camaraderie, and integrity, students prepare to succeed in the strongest secondary schools, become confident and virtuous leaders, and grow into compassionate, caring adults.