Teddy Bear Club

Grades: Pre-K - K
Type: Day
Gender: Coed


From TBC’s founder, Laura d’Angosse Perlman: I started the Teddy Bear Club in 1993 because I saw a need to combine the best elements of American preschool programs with some of the wonderful aspects of the French education I received growing up in Paris.

I highly value the focus American preschools place on the development of social skills, creativity and self-confidence but I also recognized an opportunity to further emphasize the more academically focused approach that typifies European education. TBC was born out of this desire to layer a well-rounded academic curriculum over a socially focused preschool experience, in a bilingual French/English environment.

Twenty-five years later, our program continues to instill confidence and self-esteem in our students while building a solid foundation for their future academic success in primary school and beyond.

Teddy Bear Club offers half and full-day options for children 21 months old through Kindergarten at our two campuses in Newton and Lincoln. Tours are available year-round, by appointment.