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The Meadowbrook School

The Meadowbrook School

Grades: Pre-K-8
Type: Day
Gender: Coed


What’s the value of a great education? How about a lifelong eagerness to challenge the intellect. A spirit that’s never satisfied with “good enough.” The drive to move the world. The Meadowbrook School is a coeducational independent day school in Weston that inspires and challenges learners from junior kindergarten through grade 8. Their talented teachers engage students in an advanced curriculum from the very beginning, building deep personal connections to spark the potential of every child.

At Meadowbrook, teachers and learners are joyfully creative problem-solvers. Innovation goes beyond technology and engineering or even the latest curricular approach. It’s a deliberate mindset of always seeking a better way. Whether honing analytical skills in the unmatched math program or growing as a leader, mentor, and scholar in the leading-edge middle school program, students discover and achieve what they care most deeply about—all in a diverse community that empowers children to be who they are and become who they want to be.

Meadowbrook welcomes expectations—then takes them higher.

Teaching Philosophy

We believe if we challenge ourselves to go beyond—standards, expectations, and the ordinary—so will the children we teach.

At Meadowbrook, we don’t just teach. We think about how we’re teaching, and who we’re teaching, and how we can improve. Meadowbrook teachers seek the best content and approaches—and continually test them against outcomes-based standards.

We create an inclusive community in which each member feels connected, comfortable, and respected. From their first day, children are asked to think out of the box, be curious about the world, and empathize with those around them.

Mission Statement

We know, love, and challenge every child.

Together, as a diverse community with high academic, ethical, and social standards, we nurture character, promote confidence, inspire creativity, and foster critical thinking skills as we guide each child’s journey in the pursuit of excellence.