The Park School

Grades: Pre-K - 8
Type: Day
Gender: Coed


The Park School is dedicated to the 10 most transformational school years, the era of childhood and early adolescence. Their vibrant, connected, and diverse community of educators and families works together to support students along their educational journey from age four through 14. Along every step, children are challenged intellectually with academic experiences that spark curiosity, foster a love of learning, and prepare them for success in their next schools, colleges, and beyond.

Park’s small classes enable teachers to know and value each student and encourage them to develop their whole selves. Park is a close-knit school that deeply values equity and inclusion. Located on 34 acres near Jamaica Pond, Park feels like a neighborhood school but reflects the diversity of metropolitan Boston. The school works to build a strong sense of community among people from many different races, family configurations, financial means, and life experiences. Park offers after-school programs, transportation, and generous financial aid.

We offer after-school programs, transportation, and generous financial aid. To learn more about Park, visit parkschool.org or call 617.277.2456.

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Teaching Philosophy

The following guidelines are fundamental to the implementation of our mission:

A close personal relationship between teacher and student is the center of the learning process at Park.
Learning begins with the family; the School's goal is to extend and develop that process in a spirit of cooperation among students, teachers, and parents.

The Park community values trust, fairness, cooperation, and sensitivity, and expects students to learn to reach outside themselves and respect the dignity of others.

Despite the pressures of our increasingly complex world, Park strives to maintain simplicity as a core value of the community.

At Park, diversity is valued, differing personal qualities, talents, and learning styles are appreciated, and the lives of all are enriched by shared experiences.

As a center of learning, the School generates ideas and responds thoughtfully to new ideas, emerging technologies, and social change.

The pursuit of rigorous academic standards guides the development of curriculum, the practice of teaching, and the goals of learning.

Mission Statement

The Park School is dedicated to excellence in education.

The cornerstone of Park's program is academic excellence, combining both high standards of scholarship and the encouragement of each child to develop to his or her greatest potential. Our school community fosters a nurturing environment in which children develop curiosity, express creativity, appreciate the value of hard work and discipline, and experience the joy of learning. Park's faculty encourages each student to strive for intellectual, physical and moral growth and to become contributing members of the community.

Park is committed to being a metropolitan, coeducational, day school of diverse races, religions, cultures, and backgrounds. Central to its mission is an appreciation of similarities and differences of perspective and the interdependence of all people. As a family school, Park is a community in which the dignity of each child, teacher, and parent is respected.