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Wellan Montessori School

Wellan Montessori School

Grades: Toddler – Grade 8
Type: Day
Gender: Coed


At Wellan Montessori School (formerly Newton Montessori School), students 15 months to Grade 8 drive their own learning through curious and engaged exploration. We offer an alternative to traditional “worksheet-based” education: our classrooms look, feel, and sound different because all of our academics are hands-on, from beginning literacy to advanced mathematical operations. Wellan students are actively engaged in what and how they learn. They benefit from structured lessons given by our Montessori-trained teachers, and work toward mastery in all subject areas while developing a keen awareness of the world beyond our doors. Wellan is a place where all students are known and cherished—and where all students are given the opportunity to live up to their greatest potential. Graduates emerge with deep self-knowledge and sharply tuned academic skills, well-prepared for the area’s top public and independent schools. Visit our website and join us for a tour to see our innovative, immersive education firsthand.

Teaching Philosophy

Wellan Montessori School offers a learning journey for children from the toddler to early teen years. We believe children thrive when they are able to “grow up” in a familiar school setting where new challenges are offered at each developmental stage. Our early childhood program is designed to prepare students to transition smoothly into our Elementary and Middle School programs, where they receive a strong foundation for high school and beyond. Throughout their school experience, children are treated with respect for their individuality and unique potential. At the same time, they are taught to practice empathy for others and learn what it means to be a member of a diverse community.

The school's educational philosophy, anchored in Montessori philosophy, gradually integrates other proven pedagogical practices as students mature. The student-centered curriculum, which meets or exceeds state guidelines, places a special emphasis on developing the executive function skills and habits of behavior needed for independent learning and life-long success.

The learning environment at Wellan Montessori School allow students to experience the joys of both freedom and responsibility. A balance between choice and accountability strengthens motivation, which in turn leads to higher concentration and academic achievement.

Key features of the school include:

  • Individualized pacing of curricula
  • Multi-age classrooms that promote peer-to-peer learning
  • A diverse and inclusive school community
  • Specials ranging from the visual and performing arts to engineering
  • Engaged faculty who are trained to differentiate instruction
  • Strong school-home partnerships

Graduates of Wellan Montessori School are confident, intrinsically motivated learners who are well-prepared to transition successfully to other educational settings. Our graduates have been accepted at a wide range of independent and public schools.

Mission Statement

Create a welcoming, diverse school community in which learners are:

Inspired to strive for excellence and contribute positively to their communities.

Challenged to explore big ideas independently and collaboratively.

Empowered to pursue their goals with confidence, persistence, and integrity.


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