Worcester Academy

Grades: 6 - 12, PG
Type: Day-Boarding
Gender: Coed


Worcester Academy is an exceptional co-educational independent school for day and boarding students in grades 6 through 12 and postgraduates. Through an innovative and thoughtfully designed curriculum, Worcester Academy instills in students a lifelong passion for learning and a foundation of core values that enable them to achieve the honorable as leaders and world citizens.

The school takes pride in their diverse local and international community, and situate their curriculum within a global, multicultural context that helps students develop the independence, confidence, and world-readiness they need to succeed in college and beyond. Worcester Academy prides itself on top-flight academics, arts, and higher-level athletics; their connectivity within the Worcester community; and a unique five-day boarding program within a structured residential setting.



Worcester, private, independent, day, boarding, independence, Massachusetts

Teaching Philosophy

Independence. Confidence. World-readiness.
Since 1834, Worcester Academy has been in the business of nurturing students to excel and to internalize those three qualities necessary for future success. How do we do it?

"Achieve the Honorable," our school motto and the most recognizable phrase in our school lexicon, sits as the foundation of our core values – Honor, Respect, Community, Personal Growth, and Challenge. It's the phrase every member of the WA community is expected to live up to every day.

Through our thoughtfully designed curriculum and an abundance of extra-curricular activities, we give our students an environment filled with expert guidance, plenty of options, and, of course, challenge.

Mission Statement

Worcester Academy’s mission is to instill in its students the desire to learn throughout life, to engage passionately with the world around them, and to be honorable persons of strong and resourceful character.