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Worcester Academy

Type: Day/Boarding
Gender: Coed
81 Providence Street
Worcester, MA

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Worcester Academy is an acclaimed independent school in the thriving city of Worcester, MA. Founded in 1834, Worcester Academy is a coeducational day and boarding school for students in grades 6–12 and postgraduates.

A proud community of explorers and collaborators, we prepare our students not just for college but for life, through an expansive curriculum that balances problem solving with communication skills, independence with connection, and hard work with fun and creativity. Our students benefit from an experiential education that expands their perspectives, builds their character, and deepens their understanding through community engagement and real-world application, enabling them to achieve the honorable with their peers, in the Worcester community and throughout their lives.


1. Urban Outreach Program-The Urban Outreach Program develops students' empathy, collaboration, leadership, and citizenship through service learning with sustained community partnerships.

2. Graduation Project-In pursuit of a graduation project, each senior applies core skills developed at Worcester Academy to problems or challenges–either academic, creative or social–faced on campus and beyond the Hilltop. Each student will have the chance to demonstrate skills in a meaningful, practical way by grappling with the issue and reflecting on it in an oral presentation and paper. Students choose their own topic as well as the type of project they wish to pursue.

3. Robotics Exploration (course)-Robotics Exploration is a project-based class where students learn the foundational concepts of robotics. Using LEGO Mindstorms, students will gain a mastery of fundamental skills, including design, build, and programming. The semester culminates with a project focused on a common task where students must create their own robots and collaborate with peers to complete a task.

4. Human Ecology & Public Health: The City of Worcester (course)-Human Ecology is the study of the built, social, and natural environment to better understand prosperity and public health. Course topics include economic productivity, infrastructure, environmental sustainability, governance, quality of life, and equity and inclusion. As a dynamic and complex system undergoing a renaissance, Worcester serves as both an excellent learning laboratory and a comparison to cities across the world.

5. The History and Politics of Sports (course)-Why do sports matter? Sport has been a fixture of societies since the ancient world, and in modern times, sports have exponentially grown in their influence globally. Through this course, students will study the development of sport in modern times throughout the globe, from the first Modern Olympics in 1896 to the present day.

6. Robust offering of Visual and Performing Arts courses including Graphic Design & Illustration, Architecture, Music Technology, Producing a Play, Directing and Broadcast Journalism.

7. Marine Science (course)- In the Marine Science course, students build an understanding of many core physical, biological and geological aspects of the oceans with an emphasis on coastal habitats and processes. The course immerses students in a variety of experiences, including numerous laboratory specimen dissections, and several field observation excursions, including two overnight trips to Cape Cod.

8. Into the Wild (course)-What is our relationship to the wilderness, to the environment in general? Students examine these questions through selected fiction. To enhance their reading experience, students also hike into the "wilder" regions of central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. They also read up on contemporary environmental issues, philosophies of phenomenology and deep ecology to enrich the nature of the readings, discussions, and hikes.

9. International Summer Research Trip-Faculty led summer research trips to locations such as the Galapagos Islands and Bermuda.

10. Middle School Passion Projects-Independent projects that can range from upgrading a Power Wheel to writing a book. The Middle School academic program draws on current events and uses a project-based approach; providing challenge, encouraging fun, and exploring purpose.