More or Less: Gothic Style

Can we find acceptable furniture subs at an affordable price? Here's the first in our high/low challenge.

I just get all gooey over Boca do Lobo’s Soho line (left). And while Baroque isn’t typically my thing, their furniture is, well, simply seductive in a Hollywood-meets-Transylvania sort of way. This black beauty (handmade and gorgeously finished in Portugal) was designed to be a mini bar. I could see dressing up Mrs. Robinson style and reaching in for a nice bottle of Scotch. Don’t ask me how much it costs, let’s just start with gazillion dollars. The cheap Asian-built alternative may not have the high-class vibe, but it gets the job done. This sideboard by Texas design company Fabulous & Baroque costs $1,195, which means I buy it and pay my condo fee, too.

Can you find more matches for high Gothic style?