Locally Grown: Charlene Mullen pillows

We love these linen-and-wool embroidered accents.

We’re gaga over hand-embroidered pillows by British textile designer Charlene Mullen, spotted at Addo Nova in Boston (a recent transplant from Portland, Maine). The store has a great collection of her work.

Charlene Mullen was in the fashion industry before launching 100% Design in 2008 to focus on luxury accessories. Her playful pieces explore folk, nature, animal, and skyline themes. We saw “Big Dipper” and “Ring a Roses” (above), made from tapestry wool on natural linen, $265 each, in the Addo Novo showroom.

Put a bird on it! “Dove Left Cushion” and “Dove Right Cushion” ($145 each) are down- filled and have a red zip detail.