Decor Boost: Battle of the Wall Stickers

Ready for a quick, temporary change? Peel-and-stick wall art comes of age.

Okay, get ready for design overload. I’ve always been a fan of wall stickers–the kind you can peel off when you get tired of looking at what you thought was a good idea. I’ll reluctantly admit that I’ve spent hours on Blik’s site searching for the perfect image, but always end up thinking this stuff is for kids’ rooms only. That said, Blik really does have the monopoly on hip (see above). But what about customization? Not so much. That’s why I think the Wall Words website is onto something. Here you can order individual pieces and create your own thing:

Granted their selection is a little cheesy, but their custom quote tool is easy to use. Find your favorite poem, select font, size, and color, then do it up. For much better graphics and gorgeous ideas, peruse the fabulous Harmonie Interieure.

The French family that owns the company has the cutest country home. Check out what they did to hide their fridge!