Update: Sample store at the BDC

We went shopping for you, and here's what we found.

Oh, welcome back, automatic markdowns! We’ve missed you since they gutted Filene’s Basement (the real one, please). BDC to Go is located in Suite 634 on the BDC’s sixth floor, it’s open Tuesday through Friday, 11 – 4, managed by local interior designer Michael Barnum of Michael Barnum Studio.

Clockwise from top left:

Mounted wood fragment from FDO Group (pricing: 2/1 $1,068; 3/2 $908; 4/1 $772)

Assorted rugs (pricing varies)

Hand-painted blanket chest from Patterson Furniture (pricing: 2/1 $1,800; 3/2 $1,530; 4/1 $1,301)

Oscar de la Renta red leather chair from Century Furniture (pricing: 2/1 $3,199; 3/2 $2,719; 4/1 $2,311)