Found Art: Phillip Jones’ Photographs of Boston

See the city in a whole new light.

How do you see Boston? For a brand new view, check out the black and white photographs of Phillip Jones which capture our city with a professional eye, but with the zeal of a tourist. Through more than 100 local images, some industrial, some architectural, Jones gives us a fresh way to look at the monuments and moments that make our town unique. Above: “Charles River” printed on archival paper 17.5″ x 17.5″ $1,100 (unframed).

Jones splits his time between Boston, Atlanta, and the dark room. “I like to photograph things that I have never seen before, that throw me off guard and make me ask questions,” he says. Above: “Back Bay Brownstones” printed on archival paper.

Trinity Church reflected off the Hancock Tower, the aptly named “Trinity Reflected.”

“Monument Square” features a view back to the city from Charlestown and the Zakim Bridge. Unframed prints can be purchased directly through his website, or framed at The Mercury Gallery in Rockport, MA.