Shhhh….Stylists' Secrets!

Amy Lipnis and Kristen Caissie of Moon Canyon Design share their inspirations.

Shopping Boston’s boutique-dotted neighborhoods, we couldn’t help but admire the handiwork of Amy Lipnis and Kristen Caissie. The talented design duo has done windows and floral arrangements for shops ranging from Anthropologie to Portobello Road using crafty paper flowers, ribbons, and vintage finds. With the launch of their new bi-coastal venture, Moon Canyon Design, they’re bringing these styling skills to weddings, birthdays, and other special events. Here we ask the pair what inspires their beautiful work…

Kristen: I’m most inspired by my relationships with my friends. The challenges in love and life that we all go through keep me grounded! Amy: Everyday objects inspire me. I love meditating on their textures, silhouettes, colors, and construction.

My current design obsession is… Kristen: I’m in love with the floral work of BORNAY from Barcelona (above left). Her work is so lush and full of youth in such a great way. Amy: I’m very inspired by quilts of Yoshiko Jinzenji. Her quilts are often monochromatic but still have a lot of depth and whimsy.

My home is… Kristin: A tiny garden bungalow! It’s like camping everyday!! Amy: A 100-year-old split-level in Medford with plenty of room for my German Shepard and Jack Russell Terrier to roam!

My dream project would be… Kristen: Creating a book that holds all my notes, inspirations, photo shoots, and events. I’d love the chance to really pull together my thoughts and freely articulate all that happens in my mind. Amy: Hmmm, so many dream projects. The one that comes to mind is a inhabitable tree house!

My favorite flower is… Kristen: At the moment I love daffodils and all their shades of yellow. Amy: Creamy white Anemonies. I can’t get enough of the black fringy centers.

Post by Kendra Amin of ColorTheory.