Locally Grown: No More Paper Towels

Waste not, want not. How to fight disposable goods in style.

I’ve been fighting the paper towel battle in my house for a while now. But with these natural linen tea towels by Studio Patro from Lekker Home ($24 each), I have a powerful new weapon in my arsenal. If your kitchen is more traditional, consider Yves DeLorme towels:

La Petite Maison in Hingham carries these sophisticated designs which look so much better than a roll of Brawny hovering over my kitchen counter (a brand owned by the evil Koch brothers, must-to-avoid). What’s more (much more, in my opinion) is that these soft, elegant, super-absorbant linens are made in France. Click here for more information on their manufacturing process. You can also shop their discontinued lines for bargains.

Above, some great Etsy finds. (From left: During Quiet Time, Papa Totoro, Skinny laMinx, lulu & luca.)

Of course, a textile list isn’t complete without Marimekko.And check out these intricate handmade creations by Boston’s own Bark Decor.