18 Amazing High/Low Designs

What's your favorite More or Less, pulled from five years of Boston Home history?

Winter 2008. Designer: Rachel Slade. This was our first attempt, shot in a South Boston studio. We totally flubbed setting up that Arc lamp!

Spring 2008. Designer: Brooke Parker. Location: Heather Wells’s bedroom.

Summer 2008. Designer: Tui Stark. Location: South Boston studio.

Fall 2008. Designers: Mark Bombara, Polly Lewis, Maribeth Bronkowski. Location: Arclinea.

Winter 2009. Designer: Eric Roseff. Location: Beacon Hill.

Spring 2009. Designer: Fernanda Bourlot. Location: Brookline.

Summer 2009. Designers: Lindsay Bentis and Kara Butterfield. Location: West Newton.

Fall 2009. Designer: John Ross (Patch NYC). Location: Beacon Hill.

Winter 2010. Designer: Sheila Galligan. Location: 45 Province.

Spring 2010. Designer: Ricardo Rodriguez. Location: Ken Oringer’s bedroom.

Summer 2010. Designer: Stephanie Rossi. Location: Winchester.

Fall 2010. Designer: Erin Gates. Location: South End.

Winter 2011. Designer: Jeffrey Delvy. Location: Delvy’s home.

Spring 2011. Designers: Jeffrey Osborne and Amanda Harkness. Location: South End.

Summer 2011. Designer: Annsley McAleer. Location: South Boston.

Fall 2011. Designers: Miggy Mason and Roisin Giese of Twelve Chairs. Location: South Boston.

Winter 2012. Designer: Moira Manning. Location: South End.

Spring 2012. Designer: Kristen Rivoli. Location: Brookline.