Truly Instant Glamour

Photorealistic wallpapers from Italy turn ordinary walls into sensational backdrops.

Anyone who’s heard me prattle on about architecture knows that I think drywall is the enemy of good design. Unless painted beautiful colors and tarted up with thick moldings, a blank surface is a worthless surface. Go ahead, argue with me. Then take a look a these incredible wallpaper murals by the Italian company Wall & Déco. The prints can be customized in height and width, cropped, and expanded. Or if you have your own image, they’ll print it up for you. Turnaround time is about 3 weeks, and the cost is less than $200 per square yard. We lifted 12 gorgeous options from their catalog.

There’s magic going on here. With these papers, walls gain instant depth.



You can use the room simulator to imagine how your photo will lay out. The local purveyor is imoderni in Miami.