A Radical Bathroom Showroom Opens in Boston

In F.W. Webb's new South Boston shop, you could take a bath, literally.

[Post and photos by Erica Farthing] Okay, please excuse us for a minute while we geek out on plumbing. If you’re not into showering, cooking, or watching water come out of your walls, kindly move along. But for those of us who worship a good head (shower head, puhleez!), read on. Yesterday, we had the chance to check out plumbing supply king F.W. Webb Company’s brand new Boston showroom.

Internet shoppers, you’re really missing something here. Lots of these fixtures offer massage and spray features any level-headed homeowner would want to test out before committing to. After all, you don’t want to take a bath on a shower or faucet that looks pretty but doesn’t deliver. This place offers fully functioning bathroom and kitchen displays with product lines from Toto, Jacuzzi, Hansgrohe, and American Standard. No one else can say that.

So get your hands wet and test drive an entire wall of shower heads and a row of kitchen faucets at least 30 deep. Bring the kids, too. They’ll love it. And a towel.

Descretely displayed among the dozens of showers, sinks, bathtubs, and lighting fixtures is the now notorious Tom Brady toilet. The Toto Washlet Performance Toilet (starting around $5,000) stands ready in its own private room for customers to test out…. Well, not exaaactly, but you can play with the different features and for a brief moment sit atop Mr. Brady’s throne.

The 50,000 square foot distribution center and display center is also Boston’s greenest warehouse, with an array of solar panels on the roof and a geothermal unit for its heating and cooling needs.