Fascinating Dog Photos

Tim Flach captures the strange beauty of the animal that was once a wolf.

My daughter and I spend a lot of time talking about what kind of dog we’d get if we had a big yard, time to walk it, and no cats. But photographer Tim Flach’s book, Dog Gods, is a good stand-in for the real thing. His fascinating dog images capture the spirit of the canine, without the bark. The hardcover is also chock-full of factoids—like many furry friends I know, its beauty is more than skin-deep.

(it’s a poodle, folks)

I’ve had days like these. That’s why I keep a stack of ponytail holders in my bag.

Snowball head!

Apparently, you have to train the fur to do this, much like dreadlocks.

I met one of these old boys in Province.

They come out white and then the spots develop as the Dalmatians grow.

The book is published by Abrams, written by Lewis Blackwell, and available on Amazon for about $30.