Designer of the Day: Marc Newson

This Aussie genius has tackled everything from furniture to sneakers to automobiles.

Industrial designer Marc Newson is one of the most influential designers of his generation. Born in Sydney, Australia, in 1963, he has spent much of his working life in London and Paris, designing innovative products, interiors, transport, clothing and jewelry. He’s teamed up with Alessi, Apple, B&B Italia, Absolut, and Nike, to name a few. His ‘Embryo’ chair (above) is one of his most iconic designs and a good example of how he incorporates a style known as “Biomorphism,” which focuses on flowing lines, into his work. You can pick one up for a little over $5,000.

He designed the 021C compact concept car for Ford Motor Company in 1999 and it’s now considered a classic. It features rear-hinged doors and swivel seats for easy in-and-out. Best feature: The trunk slides out like a drawer!

So adorable. For more information on the 021C, check out this great industrial design blog.

As part of his comeback tour, Lance Armstrong commissioned various designers, including Damien Hirst, to create bikes for him. Newson’s model, built by Trek, was the first Armstrong used. Click here for more.

To be released this month (March 2012), the Newson’s Pentax K-01 is a super sweet, black and yellow bombshell with all the high-end features you’d expect from a $900 camera including 16 megapixel resolution, 1080 HD, and a super fast ISO. For all the specs, go to Pentax. It’s on my covet list.

Newson’s novel sneaker for Nike, the Zvezdochka, is based on his fascination with space travel.

Or, enjoy full-immersion Newson when you fly the Qantas A380. His interior fit-out of the aircraft revolutionized plane design, and we’re grateful for it when we fly Down Under.

If you’re not jetting anytime soon, view his work at MoMA in New York, or add one of these (more affordable) mass-produced pieces to your collection.

Holy airplane skin, Batman!

Catch a great BBC profile of the genius here on YouTube.