Drive-By Shooting in LA

Artist Andrew Bush's fascinating view of American car culture.

During the ’80s and ’90s in LA, Andrew Bush drove around with camera attached to his passenger door and snapped photos of cars and their unsuspecting drivers. Of course, LA has a disproportionate number of photogenic freaks, and this fascinating compendium at NYC’s Yossi Millo Gallery gives us a tiny slice of California life.

Bush’s titles usually detail the place, direction, speed, and time, like this one: Man continuing east at 67 mph on Interstate 10 near Palms Boulevard in Los Angeles at 4:14 p.m. in February 1991.

As a biker, I’m often fascinated by the illusion of privacy a car affords its passengers. I mean, people do crazy things while idling at lights or drifting down a highway. Bush’s images capture the strange moment when humanity is most self-absorbed—outwardly focused on the road, mesmerized by the world passing by, while inside, the mind spins about itself at approximately the same speed. Enjoy!

For images, you can find Millo’s gallery here.