Your Whiteness Offends Me

There are many things in this world better than a white bathroom and kitchen.

Blah blah blah, white tile bathrooms and kitchens, blah blah blah. You know, taking a shower or using the throne shouldn’t feel like a visit to the doctor. But designers in New England seem to be in some kind of time warp where white = clean and clinical = cutting edge design. That’s so 1920s, people!

Does your bathroom look something like this? Really?

Which is why I’m always on the hunt for advanced thinking. You know, décor that gets us a little closer to happiness, a little further from pharmaceutical design circa pre-WWII. After all, we didn’t just discover bathing. That’s why I flipped over these water-resistant graphic panels by Alex Turco Art. Oh, you mean I don’t have to buy a huge slab of Carrera marble for my shower wall? Well golly, sign me up.

Mounted on aluminum and hand-finished, these art walls are highly resilient to water and UV damage. They feature photos and art by company’s namesake, Alex Turco. Some of his paintings are questionable, but I really dig the agate imagery.

Or consider this non-white kitchen (thank god!) featuring a beautiful burst of Bisazza tile. Next up: More Turco installations…and Elle Decor’s very NOT WHITE kitchens. And if you know of another kitchen or bathroom that’s not white, let me know, and we’ll publish it pronto.

More Alex Turco in blue gorgeousness.

And what a kitchen, featuring man’s best friend, the jellyfish. Perfect for your Nantucket hideaway?

Let’s go outdoors, too.

Heavenly pool made even more beautiful with blown up bamboo. And now, let’s see what Elle Decor UK has to say about white kitchens:

Oh, black, you say?

Well these shiny appliances sure do look classy against noir.

Or you can marry black and moderne. Amen to that.