Get Your Car On

Tales of Ferraris, Ralph Lauren, and horsepower at the Larz Anderson Museum on March 21.


It’s funny how trends tend to find their way from one realm into another. Take classic automobiles, for example. You may think of them as meticulously restored land barges, but there’s a growing appreciation for rough-and-ready unrestored vintage models. Like an antique heirloom passed down through the generations, every scratch and scuff has something to tell about a car’s life–and collectors are starting to appreciate that.

In celebration of all things automotive, history, and storytelling, Larz Anderson Auto Museum will host a live event featuring those rare people who are dedicated to all three.  Co-produced with Globe contributor George Kennedy (shown below, strapped into some sort of racing vehicle), the evening will focus on our very human relationship with these gorgeous and powerful machines.


Kennedy and the museum have assembled an impressive panel, from a drivetrain technician who has worked on Ralph Lauren’s personal collection, to a Hemmings Classic Car writer who was nearly accosted for laying his hands upon the 86th Ferrari ever made, to a group of collectors whose cars were used as extras in The Great Gatsby.

While it may take a real wrench-turner to appreciate the mechanical prowess of a Ferrari V12 engine, everyone can appreciate a good yarn. These tales just happen to involve some of the most beautiful machines ever made. MotorMouth: The Insider Series Thursday, March 21, at 7:00PM at the Larz Anderson Museum, Brookline.