Watches That Can Kick Your Phone’s Butt

New technology is making it easier to strap on the smarts.


Smart watches can do many of the same things your smartphone can: send texts and emails or check Twitter or Facebook – and because they’re attached to your wrist, you can take them with you–even in the shower. Pebble‘s smart watch (above) connects wirelessly to your iPhone or Android device. It also features apps to track your bike ride or run and control your music.


One of the best things about the Cookoo smart watch (above) may be that it doesn’t look like a smart watch. The watch’s design uses Bluetooth wireless technology to connect to your iPhone or iPad, and alerts you to calender reminders, missed calls, Facebook messages, etc. Another great thing about this watch? Unlike most other smart watches, it doesn’t need to be recharged.


The Sony SmartWatch is compatible with Android devices and has a sleek touch screen. Its wrist strap is available in multiple colors and you can download Google Play apps from your phone directly to the watch.

metawatch strata

Metawatch‘s Strata smartwatch comes in different colors and designs and, while their technology is still developing (the website says things like calender and email notifications are “coming soon”) this is another Kickstart-funded start-up that’s out to reinvent the watch as we know it.


If you’re looking for a watch to help improve your health rather than add to daily stress, the Basis might be it. This watch can record data on your heart-rate patterns, motion, perspiration and even skin temperature, and you can track your progress to hold yourself accountable.