Curb Appeal: High Contrast in Beacon Hill

This Beacon Hill doorway's style is black and white.

Beacon Hill

Photo by Danielle Ossher

It’s black and white for this Beacon Hill doorway—a high-gloss modern spin on a classic pairing that can’t help but impress. A chic contrast to the warm brick that lines the exterior, the black-on-white palette, with features a touch of brass for regency, is elegant in its subtlety.

The high-gloss black finish on the front door not only elevates a common 6-panel style, but creates an unquestionable centerpiece. It’s a wise selection to coat the substantial door—light plays off the high-gloss finish, creating a dynamic overtone to the intense color. The sidelight windows and large transom are painted bright white to complete the bold duo and further define the door with color contrast. Their open nature and simply embellished style balance the weighty centerpiece so the whole vignette doesn’t overwhelm. A few brass elements, including a ring-style doorknocker, hanging pendant light, and house number in the transom, pop against the black-and-white backdrop and add a welcoming touch of glamor.

This enviably chic combo can welcome your visitors, too. Start with the main attraction (just as this entry does): the front door. High-gloss black, including this one from Behr, is a great choice for any solid door as it adds the visual interest in place of windows. To get the full impact, use contrast to your advantage and frame with a bright white, especially if your exterior features rich tones like brick or cedar. And don’t forget to accessorize—brass holds its own with style against this bold pairing. A curved, hanging pendant (pictured below) introduces soft, curved lines. A ring-style doorknocker, like this one (also pictured below), pops against the door without weighing it down. Finish the look by bringing the eye up to the beautiful transom, if you have one, with gold house numbers—now a quick DIY upgrade when you order ones like these (pictured below) from The House Number Lab.

House Number Lab

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