Curb Appeal: A Warm Welcome in Beacon Hill

This brownstone has an unexpected touch of tropical hospitality.

Photo by Danielle Ossher

Photo by Danielle Ossher

On a tropical oasis, it’s commonplace to be greeted by the emblem for hospitality: the pineapple. But nestled in the charming, historic street of Beacon Hill, this nod to the exotic is a welcome breath of fresh, island air.

The pineapple is just one of the elements that makes this doorway a refreshing counterpoint in a traditional neighborhood. The antique brass doorknocker is set against an aquatic seafoam front door, a pairing that instantly indulges the island vibe. White trim, both inset and framing the door, create a layer of dimension to the creamy blue hue, while additional brass accents including an old-fashioned letter slot, house number, and square doorbell balance the tones. White shutters peek out from behind the sidelights, continuing the airy appeal of the doorway. The whole entry is grounded by the black doorstep and flanking whitewashed stone planters that feature a leafy, open petalled motif.

Achieving a chic tropical-style entry without the kitsch is a study of restraint. Keep your obvious elements small, and balance with antique or modern elements for a dynamic look. A classic ode to island life, like the pineapple doorknocker (pictured below), pairs beautifully with a vintage brass letter slot, like the one below, and the clean, straight lines of a square doorbell plate. Island hues, like Benjamin Moore’s Blue Seafoam, instantly brighten any front door, and for those styles without windows, the simplicity of neutral trim goes a long way in keeping your entry understated. And with so many light, breezy elements, introducing larger planters in a light finish, like the one below, adds a nice weight and natural greenery without harsh contrast.

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