What’s Behind Garson Jasper, Playful Home Goods Made in Massachusetts

Two years and running, founder Jen Storo's designs always feature some fun nods to New England.

GJ Dragonfly

Photo provided / Garson Jasper

Jen Storo could envision the perfect bold, playful fabric for her next project—she just couldn’t find it. After scouring her usual sources to no avail and refusing to compromise yet again for an almost-but-not-quite option, she decided to get creative. Now, all of the products Storo creates for her company, Garson Jasper, feature her own, original textile designs. “I really feel that nothing is off limits,” Storo said. “And everything can inspire.”

It’s this kind of organic evolution that defines Garson Jasper, a lovely curated collection of decorative accents and accessories made from her Boston home office. Storo created her company two years ago, named after her daugher Garson and son Jasper, with a piece of children’s furniture, and she’s been on a creative exploration ever since.

“I started Garson Jasper because I wanted three things,” Storo said. “I wanted to run my own business, engage in something creative, and have a flexible schedule so I could meet the needs of work and home my way, every day.”

Storo effortlessly followed the natural progression of her business, shifting her focus to the smart aprons and accessories that proved in high demand. She rounded out her portfolio and further proved her creative prowess with the launch of her own textile line that now adorns her best-selling aprons, bedding, throw pillows, and lightweight beach totes, or can be purchased in their own right. The lively, large-scale Ocean Crab, Brook Trout, and Dragonfly prints are refreshing lighthearted, and her graphic North Beacon Square design is a wonderfully chic counterpoint. Not to mention that all feature a not-so-subtle nod to New England.

As the both the design and business force behind Garson Jasper, Storo finds inspiration and pleasure in every aspect of her endeavor. And like all creative souls, the eternal question of what next? is nothing but exciting. New patterns, new products, and new outlets to share her work are all in the pipeline—and an unwavering devotion to her organic processes remains a given.

“It definitely has evolved in ways I can’t always foresee, and that’s part of the fun,” Storo said. “New challenges present themselves all the time.”

GJ North Beacon

Photo provided / Garson Jasper

GJ Crab

Photo provided / Garson Jasper

GJ Indigo Trout

Photo provided / Garson Jasper

GJ Rainbow Trout

Photo provided / Garson Jasper